Collages by Igor Skaletsky

To see more of Igor Skaletsky’s work, visit his profile on Deviant Art and on Behance.

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Une Semaine de Bont (A Week of Kindness), 1934, Max Ernst

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Young Dragons by Ben Wootten


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I want one, no two, no five ahhh

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Amazing Macro Photos of Bugs 

Stockholm-based photographer John Hallmén captures amazing macro shots of insects.

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i am your cute english tutor 

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Jenny Frison

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Wonderful Paintings by Lia Melia

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Black and White Underwater Photography by Hengki Koentjoro

Underwater photography of scuba divers, coral, or wildlife can sometimes seem commonplace regardless of the remote destination or subject, but Indonesian photographer Hengki Koentjoro bucks the trend with his desaturated, dark, and often brooding images taken in and around Jakarta, Indonesia. While his landscape photography above ground is often dreamlike and mysterious, as soon as the blue is removed from the ocean it introduces a slightly menacing tone that while deeply beautiful, sets the viewer a little on edge. Oh and also the sharks. 

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