Mentira, el Rohipnol es la verdadera bebida de la diversión, o en su defecto el cloroformo.

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Artist on Tumblr

Dosshaus | on Tumblr (Antarctica?) - House of cardboard. Cardboard, paint and glue (2014)

Dosshaus is the collective imagining of Zoey Taylor and David Connelly. Met in late 2010, Zoey and David immediately recognized in each other a kindred artistic spirit. Together they create House of Cardboard, a photography project showcasing the interior of a retro-style home constructed out of cardboard, paint and glue.

© All images courtesy of the artist

[more Dosshaus | artist recommended by Mumy]

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Mythology Asks

  • Anubis: How do you feel about death?
  • Atum: What are your greatest imperfections?
  • Bastet: Do you have any cats?
  • Hathor: What brings you joy?
  • Horus: What is one thing you've had to fight for in your life?
  • Osiris: Do you believe in the underworld?
  • Ra: Do you have any major responsibilities or importance?
  • Thoth: Do you like to read/write?
  • Arawn: What is the most terrifying thing you've ever done?
  • Bran: How is your health?
  • Brighid: Tell us about your relationship with your father.
  • Cernunnos: What is your favorite animal?
  • Danu: What is your relationship with your mother?
  • Morrigan: What do you think happens when we die?
  • Olwen: What is your favorite flower?
  • Rhiannon: Have you ever been betrayed?
  • Bragi: What kind of music do you listen to?
  • Freya: Have you ever been in love?
  • Freyr: Do you have any children?
  • Hœnir: Are you a silent or talkative person?
  • Iounn: How old are you?
  • Loki: What is the best trick you've ever pulled on someone?
  • Odin: What is your family like?
  • Thor: Would you consider yourself pretty powerful?
  • Tree: What have you done with your life? What are you going to do with it?
  • Aphrodite: What do you think of yourself?
  • Ares: Are you an easy person to anger?
  • Athena: Would you consider yourself an artist?
  • Apollo: Do you play any instruments?
  • Dionysus: Do you drink?
  • Hades: Do you have a bad reputation?
  • Hekate: Have you ever tried to communicate with the dead?
  • Hermes: Have you ever stolen anything?
  • Poseidon: Are you a moody person?
  • Zeus: Are you a confident person?
  • Jupiter: Would people say that you are intimidating or fairly approachable?
  • Pluto: Where do you think we go when we die?
  • Apollo & Dianna: Do you prefer to be up during the day or at night?
  • Mars: Have you ever gotten into a fight?
  • Minerva: Do you generally give good advice?
  • Proserpine: Have you ever felt trapped?
  • Plutus: Do you have a job?
  • Venus: Have you ever had your heart broken?
  • Vesta: Do you like being home or do you try to get out whenever you can?
  • Morpheus: Do you daydream often? Of what?
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Omg… Ideal everything. Anyone know what lipstick this is btw?????


Omg… Ideal everything. Anyone know what lipstick this is btw?????

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By Cedric Laquieze, perfectly combining and morphing wings, seeds, bones, and body parts (mostly from insects), these incredible mystical faeries are born in all variety of forms. They have a wonderful magic to each individual with the vibrant colours and elaborate headdresses.

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Final Fantasy VI - Ancient Castle


Final Fantasy VI - Ancient Castle

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Amazing Narshe by Gysahlgreen

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Sunga Park

Sketches on June 2014

(Kyrgyzstan) Osh - Sari Tash - Irkeshtam pass - 


(China) Kashgar - Urumqi - Lanzhou - Qingdao -


(South Korea) Busan

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Brighton, 4am & 5am 

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Embroidery Art by Ana Teresa Barboza

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Anya Gallaccio. 

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Your moment of Zen, Hengki Koentjoro

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Paradise lost, Michael Kerbow

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